Digital Talking Drum is a blog focused on talking about technology, geek culture, video games, and the like from decolonial, anticolonial, and postcolonial perspectives. In case you’re new to these terms here are links to the concepts below from the incredible theory site Global Social Theory, ran by Gurminder Bhambra:



Anti-colonialism (is exactly what it looks like, the above two are examples of anti-colonial sentiment)

We focus on imagining new and liberatory ways to think about the technological worlds around us and those that are to come. Challenging the cishetpatriarchal, capitalist, ableist, and colonial assumptions within tech discussions, we hope to allow our readers to begin imagining worlds beyond the ones that are fed to us by mainstream mass media. Our content includes reviews, short stories, thinkpieces, and many other forms of writing that reflect all the different ways that we can imagine something beyond “this”. Feel free to follow or contact us on Twitter @DigiTalkingDrum!